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Gift Registry Business Benefits

Code-Registry maintains a balance between providing value for your customers, and providing internal management efficiencies. The following are some of the business benefits to be gained:

Increased Competitiveness:
Code-Registry solution allows small to medium-size retail stores to compete with large department stores by providing a similar service without a large investment in technical infrastructure.

Value-added Service to Customers:
A gift registry application promotes customer loyalty. Code-Registry is easy to use and straight forward, so customers will enjoy using this value-added service.

New Customer Acquisition:
A gift registry application is an indirect means for new customer acquisition. As customers inform friends and family of their registry at your store, new potential customers are being gained.

Increased Sales
The speed and accessibility of Code-Registry provides customers a quick and easy way to purchase registry gifts. Three different shipping and order options are provided to suit different buyer preferences.

Increased Productivity:
Particularly for retailers that have manual gift-registry systems, Code-Registry is a step towards reducing unnecessary staff time in managing registries.

Peace of Mind:
A peace of mind that you are providing valuable customer service to gift registry users without having to spend a lot of one-to-one time. Feel secure that registry updates are not lost or forgotten.

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